The Family Tree

If you haven’t a single relative
no one to take from or to whom to give
Soon, the value you would see
in having a branch on a family tree

Like leaves that protect through the seasons
a family can have many reasons
to gather round and come calling
when a branch is in danger of falling

Branches can sometimes be droopy
others incredibly snoopy
Some go their own way, some never stray
some remain sturdy day after day

If the tree is large on which you’ve grown
you might wish for space of your own
But if you’re one of three on bonsai tree
you might long for something in Yosemite

Cedar, Pine or Evergreen
The trunk holds your secrets, roots unseen
Only your branches will ever know
why from this seed you chose to grow

The true depths of which you came
those branches are you, one in the same
From the roots to the branches, therein lies the key
wherein lies the love of your family tree


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