Skeptical Minds

I come from a family of non-believers
A family of skeptical minds

There’s no community or faith in my genes
No pious tie that binds

Nothing to belong to
no bar mitzvahs, no mass

No Sunday sermons, no choir hymns
nor bible study class

I never know just what to say
at meals during grace

Amen seems awkward, yet out of respect
I bow and put ‘thanks’ in it’s place

And what, when someone sneezes
warrants a blessing from the divine

Would all of our bodily functions
now be blessed and deserve to shine

Does it matter to a grieving soul
where from compassion starts

Be it thoughts or fervent prayers
condolences from the heart

A parish, a sanga, or tribe
A community in which to belong

Fills the human need for connection
roots from which to grow strong


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