The elusive starbucks cup

Some mock the law of attraction
some say it doesn’t apply
I’ve now seen it in action
I believe, and I’ll tell you why

I achieved manifestation
of the elusive Starbucks cup
I intended, imagined and calmly detached
and then I never gave up

I saw that cup in my grasp
no condensation, no drip
I felt it slide perfectly into
cupholders on every trip

I stopped at every Starbucks
from Northgate to Eugene
then went back and checked again
at each one in between

Alas on November 17th
I was almost first in line
I bought three just in case
that venti cup is mine

A magical force, the will to succeed?
and the patience to find a way
I brought that cup into my life
on the hundred and eighty fifth day


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